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A little about the founder, Andrea Neu

Growing up I loved to move. Whether it be dance class, volleyball, running, diving in the ocean — it didn’t matter what it was — I just enjoyed the energizing feeling of using my body.  All these years later this love of movement has turned into the cornerstone of my life. My daily practice of pilates, yoga (and sometimes a beach run or surf) is my moving meditation, helping me to connect my mind, body and breath. Over time I have realized that daily mindful movement is so much more than exercise, it’s a vehicle that teaches us how to connect to our bodies on a much deeper level. With this connection to our body comes a huge shift in mindset, helping people feel happier and empowered! 

Andrea Neu
Inside the studio

Andrea is a pilates, yoga and barre instructor with over a decade of teaching experience. With STOTT Education as her pilates background and progressive Ashtanga training for her yoga studies. 

Outside the studio

When Andrea isn’t teaching in her home studio in San Juan, Puerto Rico you can find her running around with her two little beach boys, surfer hubby and their dog. They are an island family who loves the beach and ocean. Life is their adventure.


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