What’s the one thing I can’t live without?

My FOAM ROLLER! Foam Rolling Benefits for Fitness & Therapy

The foam roller is a tool used for self-myofascial release.  It’s a therapeutic tool that helps relieve muscular pain, tightness and immobility by improving circulation, relaxes knotted or contracted muscles, stimulates lymphatic drainage and lengthens muscles. Sounds amazing right? Well it is! Foam rolling is like a muscle detox and leaves you feeling less stressed and more relaxed. My roller is my magic tool and part of my daily fitness routine. The thing I love most about it is its versatility. You can do a butt kicking, full body workout on a foam roller or you can use it for therapeutic muscle release. My favorite Roller to use is the full length 36 inch.     Not sure how to even use a foam roller? Don’t worry! Go ahead an try some of my foam roller classes online.

Some Foam Rolling Benefits:

  • Reduces muscle tightness, soreness and pain
  • Increases Flexibility
  • Relaxes the body creating a sense of overall well-being
  • helps reduce fibromyalgia symptoms
  • reduces the appearance of cellulite (temporarily)
  • helps alleviate back pain
  • Aligns the spine
  • lengthens fascia
  • lengthens muscles helping them function better
  • reduces recovery time after exercise
  • helps alleviate lactic acid build up
  • increases range of motion
  • muscle detox

You have nothin to lose! Go ahead and try my foam roller classes.

Happy Rolling!